I ran to celebrate my dad.

The last August 13 I ran the Rio Grande Half Marathon. Previously, months before, I saw a race that will form a part of my marathon training and I saw in the Rio Grande web site the collaboration with One Medal. I found it a great motivation to run because in the last months my dad had two minor surgeries. He is an old man, and he has been a couple work accidents, not serious but if some stitches or being in bed for a couple of day, but now one of the surgeries showed me his fragility. I know the one certain in this life is our death even when you’re ready for it, no matter how prepared you are, it will never be enough (this idea it is somehow influence from my dad). That’s why The Rio Grande Half Marathon and OneMedal, they gave me a chance me to run and give me an opportunity to celebrate my dad recovery, and special mention to my mom, my sister and nephews who supported and where with him. The medal has a special significant because when I run, I celebrate the life and health in my family, I run happy and motivated that in this moment everything is good and although the uncertain is back I have the option to run again because the uncertain is in the road but now not, this is life.


P.S. The race it was amazing and showed me I am in a good form for the next challenges.