An Albuquerque native, Amanda has been running for the past two years.  She has about as many running routes as musical tastes, ranging from techno to rap to country and classic rock.

On April 19th, Amanda will run and tackle The Albuquerque Half Marathon, her third half marathon. This is also a One Medal race; she will lace up and run the 13.1 miles in honor of her late father Greg Trujillo, Senior.

This is her One Medal story.

I remember like it was yesterday.  April 20, 2008, I received the call from my mom that my dad was having stomach/chest pain.  I rushed to see him, we spoke, I kissed him on his forehead, and he was rushed off by the ambulance.  Literally an hour later I found out he passed away from a heart attack.  It was a total shock to me and my family.  The day after I compete in the Albuquerque Half Marathon will mark six years since his passing.

My dad taught me to be a good person and be myself no matter what!  He always told me to speak my mind and to believe in myself.  He taught me that I am only as good as I think I am and that no matter what I should keep doing my best.  He taught me to smile and to love myself.  My dad taught me to be tough but also have a soft side and be compassionate to myself and others.

It means the world to me to do this run for my daddy.  I really miss him and think about him every day.  I know that he will be proud of me no matter what.  I will be so honored to honor him.  He was my best friend and no one will ever replace him.  I know that I was the light of his life, but the day of the race he will be the light of my race.

I am running for daddy because I know he is with me every step of the way.  He always believed in me no matter what, this is a great way to honor him

My dad was a guy that knew no stranger.  He could and would talk to everyone he came into contact. While his sense of humor was not for everyone, once you figured him out he would have you laughing so hard!  He was a BCSO Sheriff and retired in 1994.  He loved his job transporting prisoners across the United States.  He was well liked with prisoners because he really treated them with respect.  He had a way with people and knew how to talk to them.  Daddy was a great grandpa to my daughter Sierra, she had a tough time when he passed.  He never got to meet his grandson Bear.  He was a good husband to my mom, always making sure she was taken care of.  He was also very proud to shower his children, Greg Jr. and I, with love and appreciation.

There were three things that will always remind me of my daddy and why I am running this race for him. 

The first; I remember my daddy use to sing the song Amanda by Waylon Jennings “Amanda, you light up my life” to me when I was a little girl.  It is something that will stay with his memory forever.

The second; He always made sure I had two things: money in my pocket and gas in my car!  Ha, such a good daddy!

The third was my wedding day, something that is always special.  On that day, I remember how happy he was for me.  Looking back, it is really easy to see how God’s timing works into life. I ended up getting married earlier than scheduled.  I didn’t think twice about the timing moving up until a month after the wedding when I realized daddy wouldn’t have been able to attend my original date (due to his passing).

For me, running is the only time I have to not worry about anything.  It helps clear my mind and really focus on my passions. Running makes me feel good and provides the change to decompress.  Finishing a good training run gives me strength and confidence.

After the race, when I finish, I plan on taking the medal to his grave site and telling him about the training and the race and just letting him know that couldn’t have done it without him.  He was the best daddy a little girl could ask for.  I am sure he will be right by my side when I cross the finish line. 

Not a day goes by daddy that I don’t think about you.  Daddy, YOU will always be the light of my life.  I love and miss you, but will NEVER forget you.

Your little girl, Amanda.