By Coren Anderson

I have run for many different reasons and have run in honor of cancer survivors. For Rachael, a young cancer survivor who I met when someone put the crazy idea in my head that at the age of 37 it would be fun to learn to run. For my dear friend Kenneth, who was diagnosed with leukemia a month before a half marathon I ran in Denver in 2010. For J.R., a Black Beret who had the biggest heart and a really tough fight.

There are many others…too many to name. And now I will run my next half marathon at the ABQ Half for my friend Susan, who is currently fighting multiple myeloma. She will have to leave her  2 young sons to travel out of state for treatment for 2 months.


My heart is very heavy but I will run strong for her. I must keep running….for those who do not have the strength to run themselves.