The Houston Marathon looked so good on paper.  It is the city where I was raised in the state where I went to school.  The city is about 5,000 feet lower than where I live, thinking it would provide a natural advantage because of all the extra air.

Again, it all looked good on paper!

The same could be said for one of my former employees. Life seemed to look good on paper.  A loving husband, two amazing children and amazing public relations talent in her SMU blood. Then cancer came into the picture.

Time to get a new sheet of paper.

The race winded through Downtown and the Galleria, through Memorial Park and then back to downtown. My high school friend Bryant and his family were out there cheering on their daughter-in-law. They provided encouragement and a Stinger waffle disc. The end of the race was nice, somewhat anticlimactic because of how the finish area was set-up. However, after finishing the race, walking toward reunion area, I looked down and saw official markgings for the “Finish line.”  I can report that the finish line was not where I thought it was going to be.

Life is like that too. We’d like to know where that finish line is, but it keeps moving… thankfully!

My mom met me at the finish line and marathon number five was in the books.

Back in Albuquerque, the former employee was in the midst of chemo and radiation.  Checking out her Instagram feed is a testament to all the good things in life.  The kind of things that take human form and surround you with love and support.  That is a good way to describe her support network.

Thanks to God’s grace, loyal family, amazing friends and talented doctors my former employee is in remission.  And for that we are all thankful!