The Cedro Peak Trail Half Marathon was going to be a challenge.  It did not disappoint.  At 7,600 feet above sea level, it was higher than Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Add in a cluster of runners on narrow trails… things are bound to get interesting!Cedro Peak for Jim

I ran Cedro Peak for my college friend Jim. My freshman year at TCU was a whirlwind of great memories. Among them, meeting Jim and a number of other quality men. That was more than 30 years ago and many of us are all still in touch.

When I was scanning facebook, I saw a post from Jim about a brain cancer he was fighting.  Having valiantly fought rounds of chemo and radiation he had surgery.

The doctors got most of the cancer, but not all. Cancer is an aggressive parasite.

Rinse and repeat.

Jim continues to fight and has an amazing attitude about it all.0AF494F4-8140-44EA-A41F-04ABDE82C662

One of the great college trips Jim organized was a spring break trip to Bing Bend National Park. Jim, our friend Porter, and I hiked throughout the basin and rafted the Rio Grande. It was a full week! Pontoon boats, sunrise hikes and views… oh the views!  It is one of those trips that will remain in all of our memories.

So it seemed appropriate for a this One Medal race to be a trail race. It wasn’t the Basin area of Big Bend, it was higher.  The Cedro Peak finisher’s medal was a wine stopper. One of the more unique finisher’s medals I’ve received and passed on.42411DE3-A2CD-4099-8D27-78D4289E5CB5

The wine stopper is unique. Like Jim.  One of a kind.