Earlier this week I had a chance to learn more about Gabriele “Gabe” Grunewald and her broad base of support through the use of #BraveLikeGabe .  In the spirit of One Medal, the Albuquerque Dukes Track Club dedicated a weekly run to her as a form of encouragement.

On the website bravelikegabe.org you can learn more about her optimism, accomplishments and fight against a rare form of cancer.

According to her website: “She won a single track & field state title in the 800-meters competing for Perham High School. Gabriele walked-on to the University of Minnesota cross country and track & field teams in 2004, where she was a part of several Big Ten Championship squads and eventually became an NCAA track & field All-American with a runner-up finish in the 1500-meters in 2010, her final collegiate race.” She has been running professionally since 2010.

What I really connected with was this portion of her page “We know Gabe is brave. But we also believe everyone who pushes through adversity in their life is brave too.”


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