Until June 2, 2018, I could state with confidence that I never stepped foot in Dexter, New Mexico.

What a neat town. It is tucked away in the Southwestern New Mexico, surrounded by the oil industry.

The Milkman Triathlon didn’t offer a finisher’s medal. However, they did have nice shirts.  So I sent my finisher shirt from the Sprint Triathlon to my good friend Pete.

Pete is the person I ran for the first time I ran for anyone.  He was battling a blood cancer.  That was then.

A short time before the Milkman race, Pete’s blood test came back the way you don’t want it to come back. The chemo and radiation, absent from his daily routine for so long, returned.

Because the timing of it all, running one race for Pete was not enough.

One week later I participated in the City of Lakes Olympic Triathlon and sent Pete another reminder that he was on my mind and in my prayers.Pete Santa Rosa

What’s cool about Pete? He is Pete.

Six months later, back in remission, I get a call from Pete letting me know he was going to be in the area and wanted to connect for Dinner.  Pete lives in Central Texas, so the thought of him being in New Mexico was a blessing.

We met for dinner and I asked him what business he had in New Mexico?  He answered, “I had a meeting in Marfa this morning and need to be in Midland tomorrow so I thought I’d stop by while in the area.”

My jaw dropped.  His Google Maps needs to be updated. Kidding!  It was a great dinner and a memorable conversation.

The power of encouragement is an amazing thing.  God knew what I needed and when.  He used Pete to provide the encouragement to me.