This One Medal story was submitted by Colorado runner Clint Boston.

About eleven years ago, I had a young lady in my American History class tell me her dad was a runner. I asked her if she was interested in running cross country for the school, and maybe her dad would like to help out. The rest is history.

I now have known and worked with Dr. Steve Krebs for over eleven years. Steve started coaching as a volunteer for the Green Mountain High School cross country team. His commitment to the team impressed me, and I asked him to take on more responsibility as my co-head coach. In the time I have worked with Steve, I have come to respect his knowledge of the human condition, passion for running, and uncompromising efforts to help every student athlete.

My respect for him is twofold–as a runner and as a friend. We have had so many adventures together. We had the chance to travel around the country running marathons; after a painful marathon in Boston, he helped me achieve my first official sub-three hour marathon in Los Angles. And I will never forget how he brought me into his circle of friends by inviting me to run the Wild West Relay as an ultra team (setting the course record). We ran in wind, heat, and I’m sure almost froze to death several times while running.381603_209761079098091_595736613_n

While writing this, I struggle with which of numerous personal stories to share. We not only have coached together, but we are friends. Through that friendship–running and socializing together–we strengthened our coaching.   We have seen so many young people become amazing adults who carry on with a passion for running and lifelong fitness, due to Steve’s inspiration. However, it’s hard to pin Steve’s influence down based solely on his coaching.

Steve’s contributions are many–passion for coaching, concern and caring for all levels of athletes–but I believe what stands above all else is his unparalleled philanthropy to the running community.

Steve’s giving is highlighted by, but not limited to, his contributions to the Ram Run 5K Run/Walk. When the Ram Run was created seven years ago, Steve understood not only how to make it a success for Green Mountain High School, but how to make it a success for other young runners in the community. Steve understood that by bringing runners from other high schools to compete, we collectively all get better. He has financially sponsored Wheat Ridge High School and Golden High School to participate in the Ram Run, bringing rival teams together for the love of running. Through his sponsorship, he honors the roots of running: a lifelong sport for all levels and abilities. Steve’s generosity has allowed hundreds of runners to experience friendly competition, pass on the esprit de corps that runners share through hours and miles of training, and learn from his role modeling to “pay it forward.”

I wanted to say thanks to a coach and friend who supported my coaching. Steve Krebs understood the program was to develop life-long athletes. Steve understood that winning is important, but is secondary to working toward personal goals. This is the principle for understanding motivation among athletes.

Athletes must see success in terms of achieving their own goals rather than surpassing the performances of others. Steve helped athletes understand and implement this principle; he helped them become excellent athletes and teammats—and successful adults.

Steve and I worked together for eleven years. He is recovering from knee surgery, which has taken him away from running and coaching cross country. I miss him and wish him a speedy recovery.