One Medal and the 50 States Half Marathon Club are working together to provide encouragement for the 13.1 community!

The 50 States Half Marathon Club is a recreational running club with multiple challenges to work toward simultaneously. Big member party and awards night held in a new state typically every year, and tons of discounts.  Enjoy meeting members at half marathon events all across the USA and Canada, as well as internationally, and create lasting friendships. Members often plan pre race dinner meet-ups and pre race photo meet-ups, as well as share race experiences in our club social groups. A nice way to meet friends with similar interests, share hotel expenses, dine with friends while you work toward your journey and goals, carpool to events and more. Friends you will make for a lifetime! Runners, Walkers, Slow, Fast, Young, Old, … our 50 States Half Marathon Club is for all ages and all abilities.

Thank you 50 States Half Marathon Club!