It is not often you get to take a picture with everyone in your race.  Actually, I’ve been running for nearly ten years and it has never happened. Well, until the Runoff Runoff Marathon.

In a cool 42 degree haze, the headwaters of the Rio Grande to our right, the fifteen runners lined up for our group photo.  After a few different pictures on a few different cameras, the photographer became the starter and proclaimed “ready, set, (um) GO!”

I quickly learned something about our wonderful planet.  There isn’t as much air at 9,400 feet as there is sea level, where I was about a week before the race!

During my run, I had a chance to recall my conversation with Pete. He is the person I ran for before I knew running for people would be a “thing”.  I asked him if he knew of anyone who could use a One Medal encouragement. Without missing a beat he suggested “GG”.

During high school, GG and his little brother Bobby lived down the street from me. Pete didn’t share much, just that GG could use the encouragement. I reached out to Bobby and let him know about One Medal, the race and Pete’s suggestion.

It was great to reconnect with Bobby and provide unique “medals” for his brother. One was an aluminum cup from the RunOff RunOff Marathon in Creede, CO (June 1, 2019) the other a dog tag from the Silver Lake Triathlon in Pearland, TX (May 26, 2019).

Below is a picture from the mid-1980’s featuring Tom (me), Steve, Bobby, (unknown), Ken, Chris, Lane and Lane’s cool dog!

The high school gang