The 2022 Lovelace Rio Grande Half Marathon and The Garrity Group/One Medal 5K provided a lot of encouragement.

The event was to celebrate those who were running the race as form of encouragement for someone else.

To help make the encouragement a little sweeter, each of the runners received a finishers medal and a wooden medal with the name of their honoree engraved on the back. The finisher can keep one and give the other.  I was running for a friend who was recently killed in an accident, giving the engraved medal to his widow.

People named James, Rosie, Alejandro, Angela, Crystal, Chenile, Tom, Daren, Charlene, Kathy, Scott, Robert, Kyla, Christine, and Wendy were running for Katherine, Felicia, Diana, Mike, Bob, Zeke, Joe, Kyle, Emily, Darla, Kari, Scott, Kyla, Jon and Amy.

Each were running for a different reason. Each for a different person; son, daughter, parent, friend, neighbor, cousin, nephew or a cause. When encouragement is the reason for running, it is all good all the time!